DC Comics’ Crime Fighting Bombshell Wows in Epic Cosplay


Wonder Woman has been fighting crime for many years and has continued to rise in popularity since her inception. First appearing in 1941 in All Star Comics #8, the Amazonian Princess won over readers with her Lasso of Truth and Indestructible Bracelets. Soon after she received her own comic series and never looked back. Since then, Wonder Woman has been featured in a hit TV series staring Lynda Carter, animated shows and video games.


One of her video game appearances is in Injustice: Gods Among Us as a playable character. Nikita Cosplay chose to create this incarnation of Wonder Woman, with her richer coloring and more kick ass vibe. Donning gleaming golden armor, the level of detailing Nikita Cosplay has achieved is mind blowing. The shield alone has many intricate details that came out very crisp and clean. All components of the costume are well crafted and beautiful. Not only has she created Wonder Woman’s shield and sword, but also her lasso, and showcased them separately in various photos as a player would in the game. It shows the amount of dedication Nikita Cosplay poured into perfecting her cosplay.


Photography by Florian Fromentin