DC Comics Heroes Week: Supergirl Gets Ready for Battle


This week we are featuring epic cosplays of some of our favorite DC Comics heroes. Yesterday, we kicked off the theme with the lovely Black Canary. Now, it is Supergirl’s time to shine, as epic cosplayer Jillian has created a stunning cosplay of the young and spunky hero.

supergirl-cosplay-2Photography by Jonathan Duran, editing by Florencia Sofen

Jillian sports Supergirl’s blue, yellow, and red patterned outfit perfectly.  She looks sweet and inviting while at the same time looking totally bad ass and ready for action, completely evoking the essence of Supergirl herself.  Jillian has become well-known for cosplaying DC Comics characters, and her Supergirl is arguably one of her best.  Be sure to check out more of her cosplay work by visiting her Facebook page!





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