DC Comics’ Huntress Wows Us in Incredible Cosplay

Like so many comic book characters, Huntress has multiple origin stories. In some storylines, she’s the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. But in the DC Animated Universe, she’s the daughter of a Mafia crime boss. Continuing with her DCAU story, in what has become a cliche, she was orphaned at a young age and witnessed the death of both parents at the hands of Steven Mandragora. This sparked her desire for revenge. As an adult, she would train herself to become the costumed vigilante known as the Huntress.


She joined the Justice League and was a faithful member, but all the while she still lusted for revenge. She decided to take matters into her own hands and attempted to assassinate Mandragora. She was then fired from the Justice League and even did battle against former teammates Black Canary and Arrow. Question ends up helping Huntress to further track down Mandragora, with Black Canary and Arrow still hot on their heels. More fights ensue, including a showdown with Mandragora. At the moment when Huntress is about to deliver a death blow, she sees Mandragora’s son and has a change of heart. Instead of shooting him with her crossbow, she aims it at a support beam, which crashes down to pin Mandragora, leaving him hurt, but alive. Immediately after, Question declares his romantic interest in her. She kisses him and drags him away, thus beginning their romantic relationship.


Huntress is a world class gymnast, athlete, and martial artist, who is capable of disarming and defeating multiple opponents. Her weapon of choice is an automatic mini crossbow, as well as a retractable bo staff and other equipment meant to be able to bypass security. Vavalika shows off Huntress’ DCAU look with a fantastic cosplay, complete with bo staff and incredible, spot-on mask. The mix of fabrics that she used for this cosplay are wonderful, and details like the armor pull it all together. Again, that mask is just amazing. A very well done cosplay of a strong, sexy, complicated female character.