DC Comics Villains Week: A Gorgeous Poison Ivy Cosplay


DC’s siren, Poison Ivy, is the (fictional) world’s most gorgeous and glamorous eco-terrorist. She was once known as Pamela Lillian Isley, an attractive and capable botanist who happened to fall in with a dangerous, unscrupulous man. In her original backstory during comics’ Silver Age, this man was Marc LeGrande. He worried that young Dr. Isley knew too much of his criminal deeds and poisoned her with an ancient Egyptian herb from an artifact they’d been studying. In the Modern Age, Pamela’s story was revised. This time, the poisoner was a college professor named Dr. Jason Woodrue (the Floronic Man), who injected her with a deadly plant-based toxin as part of a wicked experiment.

In both incarnations, Pamela Isley survived and found that she now had a variety of plant based powers, including an immunity to and control over certain botanical hypno-toxins. She moved to Gotham, reinvented herself as Poison Ivy, and turned to a life of crime. Her natural allure coupled with her new control over hypnotic toxins allowed Ivy to excel at manipulation. Her first big go as a criminal was to hold Gotham hostage via deadly plant spores of her own creation. She was thwarted by a young Batman, but quickly became one of his most dangerous foes. This first encounter with the Dark Knight spawned an unhealthy obsession. He was the one man whom she could not so easily control.


Since her first and then revised origin story, Ivy has become a DC Comics mainstay. She played a big role in Batman: The Animated Series (which paired her up with BFF Harley Quinn), and has featured prominently in various Batman story arcs. Through the years, her powers have grown into that of a veritable Earth Goddess, her skin has changed to green and back again, and she’s even teamed up with Harley and Catwoman in Gotham City Sirens. Though she’s certainly a supervillian, one can’t fault some of her intentions. After making good on a dream to build a botanical paradise and live in peace among her plants, an American corporation tested weapons on what they thought was a deserted island and destroyed her oasis. No wonder she sought revenge.

Poison Ivy is known for her gorgeous red hair, sultry green botanically-inspired costume, seductive nature, and poison kiss. Her look has changed based on the artist and the story medium, but she’s always recognizable. That means that cosplayers have a lot of flexibility when putting together a singular, yet very in-character, costume. Take November Cosplay‘s fabulous version of Poison Ivy. For starters, there’s that hair… So red, so long, so very, very alluring. Who wouldn’t love to caught in a tangle of that sexy hair? The sheer, kimono-like robe, and November’s long, lovely legs, make this cosplay feel very lingerie inspired. And her shoes! So well done with the little tufts of moss. The outfit, and the detailing on the beautiful floral body suit, are incredible, but it’s her attitude and the looks she gives the camera that really sell it. This is Poison Ivy, not so pure, and not so simple…but certainly stunning.



Photography by Mike Rollerson





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