DC Comics Villains Week: An Epic Harley Quinn Cosplay

If you are into comics, chances are Harley Quinn is one of your favorites.  Although she is a villain, she is one of those characters that are hard to not fall in love with.  From her quirky attitude to her up-beat personality and undying love for the cruel Joker, Harley is a character that we are absolutely fascinated by.  And turns out the cosplay community is as well, as we are constantly seeing tons of Harley Quinn cosplays.


Cosplayer Juliana Petrogradova took on the challenge of evoking her inner Harley to make her own cosplay of the psychopathic beauty. Choosing Harley’s Batman: Arkham Knight ensemble, Juliana looks gorgeous, especially while placed in a stunning cathedral setting. We can’t get enough of this Harley Quinn cosplay!


Photography by Igor Kuprianov




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