DC Comics Villains Week: Meagan Marie’s Epic Two-Face Cosplay

Photography by Tozzer

This week we have been featuring cosplays of some of our favorite DC Comics villains.  We have featured the likes of popularly cosplayed characters Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, and even composed an Everyday Epic Cosplay piece showing you all how to transform yourself into a Holiday-ready classy Joker! This next cosplay, however, is sure to blow your mind, as it is one that is completely unique and could only be done by the crazy talented Meagan Marie.  That is, her Lady Two-Face cosplay based off of the character’s design from Batman: The Animated Series.


Using intricate special effects makeup techniques, Meagan sports Two-Face’s blue skin and yellow teeth in her totally spot-on cosplay.  The non-damaged side of Meagan’s face is beautiful and clean, providing a stark contrast to her awesomely gruesome makeup on the left side of her face.  Meagan’s Two-Face cosplay is one to go down in the history books as being one of the most epic cosplays to date.  To see how Meagan created her Two-Face cosplay, check out her Costume Notes!

two-face-cosplay-3Photography by LJinto

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