A Deadly Cute Juliet Starling Cosplay!

Photography by Gregory Vann

What’s better than a cheerleader? A cheerleader with a chainsaw that kills zombies! Meet Juliet Starling. She’s the protagonist of the game Lollipop Chainsaw and a cheerleader at San Romero High School.

juliet-starling-cosplay-6Photography by AshB images

Juliet was making her merry way to school, like she would on any normal day, and upon seeing a horde of zombies pillage the school grounds, she casually takes out her chainsaw to fight off the zombies. Just a usual day at school, huh? After defeating several hordes, Juliet finally manages to get to San Romero High, but fails to find Nick, her boyfriend, and is oblivious to a stumbling zombie that is behind her. Nick then suddenly appears and slams the zombie into the ground. Moments after he strangles him, Nick is bitten, and Juliet then intervenes by slicing the zombie in the mid-section. As she grasps Nick, the two have a dramatic moment together, realizing Nick will soon become zombified. Juliet, as determined as she is, saves him by removing his head from his body.

juliet-starling-cosplay-7Photography by Elysiam Entertainment

There is a lot to love about Juliet Starling cosplays. When the cosplayer puts on the skimpy cheerleader uniform, ties her hair into pigtails and picks up the hot pink chainsaw, they become the zombie fighting warrior that Juliet Starling is. Don’t let the cuteness fool you, she’s a tough one. Juliet has been cosplayed by many amazing cosplayers such as Jessica Nigri, BlackCat, Destiny Nickelsen and even Casey Anne Cosplay, who has done an amazing Juliet Starling cosplay. She’s even featured a chainsaw to go with it as well as a bubblegum pink lollipop. While her Juliet has a pretty adorable face, she’s got that wicked glint in her eye to let you know she’s not to be messed with.

juliet-starling-cosplay-8Photography by FirstPerson Shooter

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