Deadpool Sexy Fireplace

Photo: Deadpool is Sexy and He Knows It

The first image of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool has surfaced. It teases the infamous costume in a super sexy pose in front of a fireplace on a luxurious bear-skin rug.

The still came via Reynolds’ Twitter feed and it is epic. Who wouldn’t want to get romantic with Deadpool on a bearskin rug? Sad to say, the costume though doesn’t reveal a face, or any skin whatsoever. Spider-Man pulls his mask off here and there, Wolverine never wore his mask, so what makes Deadpool any different?

According to Reynolds, he isn’t going to alter the character he calls the, “merc with a mouth.” Check out the early test footage of Reynolds as the infamous anti-hero below!

Deadpool will be in theaters on February 12, 2016.