Death Note’s Ryuk in Perfectly Sinister Cosplay

Ryuk is a character from the popular manga and anime Death Note. Ryuk is a bored Shinigami who indirectly gives a Death Note to Light Yagami, a notebook with the huge power of death. So, if you write a name in this Death Note, the person with this name will die.

Ryuk has a humanoid appearance but he is taller than a normal human and has a grey-blue skin tone. He also has red eyes and black hair, the same color of his clothes.


Foxxy Loxxy Cosplay did a genderbend of this peculiar character and her finished product is just EPIC!  She converted Ryuk in a beautiful female Shinigami who loves apples too! The cosplayer adapted the original design of Ryuk to her genre and the results are amazing!

Hope this Ryuk will not be bored ever again– the Death Note is very powerful!



Photography by CMOSs Photography