Death Prophet Cosplay Foretells Your Doom

Krobelus the Death Prophet is a ranged intelligence Hero from the game Dota 2. She is a mid-laner and her Crypt Swarm is her ability that gives her strong magic damage. She can both deal a huge amount of damage and also heal. She is normally built as a tank. Her character plays the role of a Death Prophet, which meant telling fortunes for wealthy patrons who wanted to see into the afterlife. She wanted to know death’s secrets, and eventually paid for her curiosity with her life. Cosplayer Feyische did an outstanding job with brining Krobelus to life. The effort alone that was taken to ensure that the claws glow is astounding. The diversity of fabrics and materials used give a great dimension to this cosplay. This Death Prophet cosplay has truly invoked our praise.

death-prophet-cosplay-2 death-prophet-cosplay-3