Defeat Sin with this Lady Yunalesca Cosplay

In Final Fantasy, Lady Yunalesca was the first summoner to defeat Sin after it ravaged Zanarkand. She escaped with her husband, Zaon. This is what seems to have motivated her most to protect the people of Spira. Sacraficing her husband in order to summon the Final Aeon, she died and became an unset spirit. A pious woman, she strongly believed in the teachings of Yevon, and remained in the Zanarkand ruins, guiding the summoners who had arrived searching for the Final Aeon.


Final Fantasy Lady Yunalesca Cosplay


Falling in love with Lady Yunalesca and her story, Floksy Locksy Cosplay has created a stunning Lady Yunalesca cosplay. The attention to detail is amazing, focusing on the bead work and patterns on the outfit. The armbands, various cuff bracelets and anklets, really show how much she loves the character. The headpiece is so well done, with it hovering in the air just like in the video game. This cosplay is superb as Floksy Locksy Cosplay looks as if Lady Yunalesca walked right off the screen.


Photography by I Got Superpowers