Defeat the Undead with Beautiful Paladin Cosplay

Photography by ZRB

Paladins are sworn to protect the innocent and uphold justice. Hailing from the original paladins order The Knights of the Silver Hand, they follow a strict code to act with honor and not associate knowingly with an evil person. Strong against undead and demons alike, they have several abilities that make them an asset when facing hordes of them.


Photography by The Kaigan

Andy Rae Cosplay draws inspiration for her paladin cosplay from ReBe11’s paladin illustration. Featuring a more feminine design, the armor is two pieced with the midriff exposed, golden embellishments and a red hood. All armor pieces are beautiful, but the chest is the focal point. Silver armor with gold edging is perfectly crafted. Each piece features a wing motif and many have a jewel in the center. Leather straps hold the two armor pieces on her hips together and form a protective layer over her bottom. Wielding a sword with a matching wing motif an leather handle completes the outfit. Photo editing emphasizes the holy nature of the paladin class and even gives her golden wings of light.

paladin-cosplay-3Photography by JwaiDesign Photography