Defend Azeroth with World of Warcraft Alexstrasza Cosplay

World of Warcraft has provenly been one of the most addictive games of the past generation.  The popular MMO is known for its avid fanbase who often dedicate their game time solely to the sprawling world of Azeroth. There are a bunch of classes and races to choose from, a multitude of fun, action-packed dungeons to battle through, and a death-riddled PvP mode that will place Alliance against Horde in a battle of the fittest.


Cosplayer Narga Lifestream cosplays one of World of Warcraft’s most badass of babes, Alexstrasza, in an incredibly spot-on cosplay.  Alexstrasza is known for her scarlet appearance and smoldering white eyes, and Narga Lifestream portrays that perfectly.  Check out Narga on Facebook for even more incredible cosplays!

Photography by Pugoffka