Deliciously Deviant Junko Enoshima in Scandalous Cosplay


Junko Enoshima is known for her twisted personality, particularly her love of despair. Creating havoc as the main character of Danganronpa, she founds Ultimate Despair, a group where other like minded individuals come together and hatch nefarious plots against other students. Even going so far as to cause herself pain in order to feel the dark emotion, her actions are only fueled by her unstable obsession.


Cosplayer Demoiselle takes on the fashion model’s signature outfit in a spot on cosplay sure to delight all who enjoy the cunning femme fatale. Sporting a modified school girl outfit consisting of black blazer adorned with pins, an oversized red bow and her lace bra peeking out, she is ready to put her insidious plan into action. A matching red skirt, black knee high boots with red laces, and Junko’s signature red nail polish finish off the look. Her ponytails are embellished with black and white Monokuma clips and her black and white tie has the red stop sign in the exact spot it should be. Demoiselle’s attention to the small details really bring this cosplay to life. Not only that, but her rebellious poses showcases the characters personality perfectly.

Photography by Elemental Photography



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