Despair as Junko Enoshima Comes to Life in Epic Cosplay

junko-enoshima-cosplay-1Photography by WhiteDesertSun

Junko Enoshima is the mastermind and main antagonist of Danganronpa, Cunning and manipulative, her extreme obsession with despair leads her down a dark path. A mentally unstable fashion model, she hatches Ultimate Despair. Students start dying, and the despair she inflicts on others, as well as herself, only fuels her actions further. She even goes as far as wiping her own memory.

junko-enoshima-cosplay-2Photography by carianoff

Demoiselle cosplays the fashion forward thinker in a crazed cosplay sure to delight or maybe despair. With blonde hair done up in pigtails held back by black and white Monokuma clips, she looks super cute. With a white blazer adorned with a red bow and lace bra peeking out, her fashion sense is on display. Jeans, platform boots and her iconic fake red nails complete the look. She is smeared in blood from her latest killing, employing a baseball bat to do the deed. Demoiselle shows us the crazy in a spot on Fungoes Junko Enoshima cosplay.



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