Destruction Awaits: A Cosplay of Lineage II’s Shilen!

Lineage II’s Shilen was once a goddess set out to create a better world, called the Goddess of Water. But sometimes women fall for the bad boys, as Shilen did for Gran Kain, the God of Destruction. This, of course, did not please her family, and she was banished from her home along with being wiped clean of all of the godly powers that she was bestowed. With the influence of the God of Destruction along with being so hurt from losing her friends and family, Shilen turned angry, vengeful, and was full of hatred. This hatred caused Shilen to eventually wage war against the gods, using the children of her and Gran Kain to fight this battle for her. Silly Shilen for thinking that she could win against gods! Woefully destroyed, Shilen once again loses her family, her own children, to a battle that she caused herself.

goddess-of-destruction-cosplay-2Shilen could not bear to lose any more loved ones. She mustered all of her power to create the Underworld, where her children, and anyone who dies, can go on to live even after death, with Shilen as their ruler. With a new potential army at her feet, Shilen doesn’t give up in her attempt to defeat the gods that cast her out. Unable to control Shilen’s rage any further, her own mother had her binded with the use of seven seals, of which needed to be guarded and protected, making sure that Shilen could not escape and could not cause destruction to their world. Cast into a deep slumber, Shilen remained binded for multiple generations. Unfortunately though, humans found Shilen and her seven seals. As power-hungry, curious creatures, it is the fault of the humans that Shilen, the Goddess of Destruction, has awoken from her generation-long slumber.

goddess-of-destruction-cosplay-3Cosplayer Evgeniya decided to undertake the task of creating a costume of Shilen, and she looks even better than the Shilen in Lineage II! With long, white hair, cold-looking skin, dead eyes, and a formidable backdrop, Evgeniya somehow looks powerful, creepy, and beautiful at the same time. It is no wonder the humans were tempted to break those seals!

Photography by Taisia Flyagina.


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