Devil May Cry Gets Badass Female Dante Cosplay!

devil-may-cry-cosplay-2The fifth instalment of Devil May Cry is the latest in the series to be released with Dante as the main character.  The story revolves around Kat, a girl who has no concept of her psychic powers, and gets arrested for being a suspected terrorist. Dante is rebellious towards the authority, but is very chilled out when it comes to anyone else. As an outcast, he has become fearless towards demons and is not afraid to start a fight with one. Under this interior he does have a heart, and protects Kat when in combat.

devil-may-cry-cosplay-3Tigersgirl’s female version of Dante pulls off the rough exterior we experience in the games, the blood spatters and dirt give her a fearless look, showing that she wouldn’t be afraid to fight any demon she faces. The look in her eyes shows she’s never going to back down, no matter how big her enemy, while the casual unfitted jacket gives a perfect, laid back look.




Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen