Discover Something More With This Beautiful Belle Cosplay

Of all the Disney Princesses, Belle has to be one of the most admirable! Belle taught us an important lesson about finding true love by teaching us not to judge a book by its cover. While Belle is indeed an extremely beautiful and sweet Disney princess, she is not one for being vain as she never once flaunts around her beauty. Instead, she spends her days learning about the wonders of the world with her nose stuck in a book most of the time. With a superb vocabulary and an attitude that demands equality and respect from those around her, Belle still offers plenty of good quality traits for young girls to look up to and aspire to reach in their own lives.


There are a few cosplayers who love a character so much that they will devote countless hours to embodying every possible costume that the character wears. Not only is Belle a great character to admire for her personal traits, but she also has several gorgeous outfits throughout Beauty and The Beast! Alena-Koshkar is a beautiful Russian cosplay artist who has devoted her time to becoming the admirable princess who we love and adore. Not only does she actually look like Belle, but she has crafted some stunning dresses that truly look just like the dresses we see Belle wear in Beauty and The Beast.


With her soft red velvet snow cape on over her adorable pink dress, Alena certainly makes playing in the freezing cold snow seem like it would be a lot of fun! She looks absolutely fitting as Belle as she gracefully walks through the snow with her long stem red rose in hand. Of course her yellow ball gown is completely breathtaking and she looks phenomenal with her long flowing brown hair looking through a gold victorian picture frame.


Of all of her amazing creations, Alena still manages to capture just how beautiful Belle was even in her simplest of outfits. Whether it is red, yellow, pink, or blue—Alena’s stunning craftsmanship and natural beauty definitely makes her our favorite Belle as she truly makes us believe that there “must be something more than this provincial life” with all her astounding creations!


 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi

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