Discover the Fairy Tail that is Erza Scarlet in this Cosplay

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail is one of the most beautiful characters that I have ever come across. With beautiful long scarlet hair and brown eyes this slender beauty is sure to catch anyone’s attention. Her powers allow her to have every girls dream, the ability to change clothes at any time. Do not let her physical appearance fool you Erza has a wrath unlike any other. Even those who are closest to her know to take her seriously.

Cosplayer Alexia Muller absolutely loves Erza Scarlet and is captivating in her Erza cosplay. Alexia really nailed this cosplay, everything from her fit slender body type to her long scarlet hair. Alexia will have no difficulty getting other cosplayers take her seriously because this girl is a true professional. Alexia not only looks beautiful but she loves creating amazing costumes. I really cannot wait to see what else Alexia has in store.
erza-scarlet-cosplay-2 This is not going to be the last Erza cosplay from Alexia. She has mentioned a couple of times that she will be doing another costume in the future. I am really excited to see what Erza look Alexia takes on next. To follow her and find out what is next check out her Facebook.

 Photography by Natsu no Arashi



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Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt