Disney Princess Week: Cinderella Cosplay Radiates Magical Beauty

After a week filled with incredibly crafted Disney princess cosplays, the time has come to wrap up this week’s cosplay theme– but we will surely be doing it on a high note.  We have featured the likes of Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty, and now it is time for a cosplay honoring the character that this week was created in honor of: Cinderella.  Today marks the release of the live-action Cinderella film, and those avid Disney movie watchers can once again witness the story of Cinderella, but this time in a whole different, more human, light.


This cosplay of Cinderella by Nikita Cosplay encompasses the ideal of ethereal beauty.  Nikita looks timeless as Cinderella, with pale blue dress and perfectly styled blonde up-do that even Cinderella herself would be jealous of.  Nikita’s Cinderella is truly remarkable, showing just how much talent this epic cosplayer has.

cinderella-cosplay-3Photography by Jakab Tamás Photography


Featured Image: Photography by Omaru