Disney’s Favorite Bookworm: A Belle Cosplay!

Often lost in a book, Belle lived out her days in a French village with her father, Maurice. While life was overall pretty quiet, she was often cornered by the simple-minded, muscular, pretty boy bully, Gaston, who wished to wed her for her good looks. In an attempt to find her missing father, Belle ended up in deadly dark woods, and managed to escape danger when a caped creature came to her rescue. It took patience and a caring heart to understand the Beast that enslaved her within the castle walls, though she wasn’t alone, what with the magical secrets that surrounded her.


Easily one of the most beloved Disney characters, Belle has won the hearts of many. Before her glamorous appearance on the dance floor, in her iconic golden gown, there was another outfit that defined the strong willed heroine, directing cosplayers like Aigue-Marine to take on her memorable hometown dress. There is an undeniable nostalgic vibe that the white apron ensemble provides, reminding us of the Belle we first met. Aigue-Marine even donned the hooded cape Belle began her adventure in. With a concerned brow, delicate gestures, and an uncanny hair style, this cosplayer impresses, surrounded by incredible settings!



Thank you to photographer Lie-Chee, who we have previously done a Harley Quinn feature on!


Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz