District 12’s Finest: A Katniss Everdeen Cosplay!

From the quiet, poor, coal mining District 12, Katniss Everdeen survives the daily struggles with her family by her side. She is known for her incredible archery skills, and actively utilizes them for hunting, until things changed drastically and the Hunger Games reaping came once again. She voluntarily replaced her young sister, Prim, and took off to compete, knowing she may very well not return home alive.


Replicating a character into a costume takes research, and quite a few reference images. For Eilaire, she studied only the written description provided by Suzanna Collins, in the Hunger Games novel. That being said, there is a creativity that exudes when a costume is solidified only through words. Her costume is immediately recognizable, with tiny, caring details such as her handmade mocking jay pin and fire-detailed fingernails. It’s safe to say fans of the book will very much appreciate Eilaire’s take on the brave, steadfast survivor.




Photography by Niamh Photos

Eilaire has many more tough gal cosplays to be enjoyed at her DeviantArt!





Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz