Domino Shoots ’em Up in Epic Cosplay

Domino is a member of the new X-Force team run my Cable. With the ability to effect probability, she has extremely good luck. Not only that, but she is a skilled mercenary, touting mastery of firearms and explosives. While you may think that catching her without a weapon is the way to defeat this bombshell beauty of a mutant, you would be wrong as she has amazing proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts.

domino-cosplay-2Photography by Manny Llanura

Wearing Domino’s va-va-voom latex body suit and sporting the characters shorter hair style, cosplayer Miss Piratesavvy gets to work taking out the bad guys. With Domino’s signature black mark over her left eye and black lipstick, Miss Piratesavvy is stunning. Her black body suit features a plunging neckline, X-men belt, a black corset bodice and various holsters. Black knee high boots and gloves finish off the look. Equipped with various guns, her arsenal is impressive, just like this cosplay.

domino-cosplay-3Photography by Nelson Seralbo

Featured Image Photography by JR-Photography