Don’t Be “Asari” for Falling in Love with this Mass Effect Cosplay!

For many gamers, the Mass Effect anthology holds a very special place in their hearts, and is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the best gaming series released. There are many contributing factors that make the Mass Effect games so special – such as the super expansive galactic universe, compelling storyline and decision making gameplay, their strong and fearless protagonist or their loveable and loyal companions that are so easy to build up an emotional attachment to. One of these characters is the loveable, intelligent, soft-spoken but strong-willed Asari, Dr. Liara T’Soni.


Born on the Asari home-world of Thessia in 2077, Dr Liara T’Soni has almost an encyclopaedic knowledge of the ancient Prothean race and their technology, culture and their extinction, as well as being highly trained in the art of Biotics (or super sci-fi magic powers). Surprisingly, she’s only 106, which in Asari years is only a little more than a child.

Australian cosplayer, Sal from Soylent-Cosplay has been working on crafting her Liara T’Soni cosplay. While there is yet more to see, the makeup work is phenomenal. With a seamlessly blended and crafted Asari headpiece, Liara’s blue skin and those beautiful eyes (seriously, look at them!), Sal looks every millimeter the beautiful Asari that Liara is. We’re all anxious to see more of Sal’s work on her Liara cosplay and from what we have seen here, the end result is going to look amazing!


To see more of her work, check out Soylent-Cosplay on DeviantArt! You won’t be “Asari”!


Written by Guest Contributor: VakariansCosplay
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