Don’t be Deceived by this Prestigious Leblanc Cosplay

Leblanc is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends. With high mobility and ridiculous amounts of burst potential, she can melt through opponents and survive the fight. But she did not always do battle on the rift. A seemingly ageless magician, she ran the Black Rose, a secret society often thought to be the real rulers of Noxus while the aristocracy ruled. When the militarization of Noxus occurred, the Black Rose and Leblanc vanished into the shadows. Soon however, Leblanc joined the League of Legends and all knew that she was simply waiting for a new superpower to emerge in the land.


Namiine Cosplay becomes the shadowy magician in her Prestigious Leblanc cosplay. Wearing a white top and black shorts, Namiine elicits the image of a traditional stage magician. In a top hat, perfect make-up and a tailed coat, this cosplay is well executed. Wielding a black and red staff, she is not just a stage magician. Photo effects bring to life this fact with swirling magical energy being centered by her staff and ready to be focused on her enemies.


Photography credits:

Hellwig Photography

M. Kuegler Photography