Don’t Disturb The Witch!: Epic Left 4 Dead Cosplay

Left 4 Dead is popularly one of the best Xbox 360 exclusive games of this generation. With the ability to team up with three of your friends in order to attempt to fight back waves of zombies yearning for flesh, every run-through is different and exciting. There aren’t only the typical zombies to fight, though. There are also Hunters- ones who can prowl, jump, and run at incredible speeds, Smokers- Tall, gross, plaque-ridden zombies with the ability to wrap you up with its deformed tongue, and more. But one of the most unique and formidable of the foes you have to face is the Witch.

witch-cosplay-3No one knows what happened to the Witch, but she sure could use a hug- except you would get destroyed by her lengthy claws! Constantly kneeling and crying, the Witch stays comfortable where she is- unless someone is to upset her, that is. Sensitive to light and sound, the Witch doesn’t want to be bothered, or else face the wrath of witnessing her charging at you, changing emotions from depressed to outrageously angry.

witch-cosplay-1Avid cosplayer Natasha created a costume of the Witch, epicly portraying her in one of the most realistic, frightening, yet endearing renditions we have seen.  With enormous claws and eyes filled with emotion and angst, Natasha perfectly embodies the Witch, creating something to truly fill you with astonishment.