Dragon Age’s Merrill Comes Out of Her Shell in This Stunning Cosplay

“I’ll try not to hit anyone. On our side, I mean. I’m babbling again. Let’s go.”

Merrill made her first Dragon Age appearance back in 2009 — though some might not remember her from her brief stint in the title. However, she came back with a whole new look and personality in Dragon Age 2. That seems to be when fans really fell in love with the meek elf, who had more to her than what laid on the surface. Merrill is both a mage and the First to the Keeper of the Sabrae Clan and she’s got smarts that most can’t compete with — as she can recite all known Elven history as well as navigate the Fade. While she is more than adequate when it comes to Elven knowledge and knowing her way around the Fade, she doesn’t know much about the world around her or her people, often times failing to know how to conduct herself socially.


Despite her social flaws, you can’t help but love Merrill — her naivety about the world pulling you in. Through all the Dragon Age cosplays, Merrill seems to be the one you see less of, which is a bummer considering how fantastic she is. Though, the cosplays that you do see are put together well but LuckyStrike-Cosplay has done more than well with her take on Merrill. In fact, the cosplay that LuckyStrike-Cosplay has pulled off could be considered a masterpiece.  Not that it comes as a surprise considering most anything LuckyStrike-Cosplay does is more than amazing!


Photography by Annet Voronaya