This Dual-Wielding Revy Cosplay Stuns

Revy is the bloodthirsty, gun slinging, competitive, ill-tempered female protagonist of the Black Lagoon Series. A sadistic killer with serious trust issues due to her troubled and abusive childhood, she often lashes out by killing anyone including civilians. The main gunfighter of the Lagoon Company, she enjoys her off time by drinking and smoking. While many see her as a harsh, unfeeling woman, she has a lighter side due to her forgetfulness and ticklishness.


Cosplayer Aurora O’Brien slips into Revy’s skimpy outfit in this seductive cosplay. Wearing tiny frayed jean shorts with a khaki belt, she poses to show off her great figure. A black crop top shows off the tattoo along her left shoulder and arm while her holsters hang empty. Fingerless gloves grip her pistols as she is ready to fill her next opponent with bullets. Posing with smoke blowing out of her mouth, cigarette in hand and plum hair framing her face, Aurora O’Brien makes a perfect Revy.


 Photography by Adam Patrick Murray