Dying Light Developer Techland To Begin Publishing Video Games

After 25 years as a video game development studio, the Polish video game company Techland (best known for the Dead Island series and recent hit Dying Light) is joining publishing business. The company announced they intend to begin publishing “globally” due to having prior experience in video game distribution and publishing in Europe.

During a recent press release announcing the initiative, Techland CEO Pawel Parchewka explained “As a developer, we have worked with many renowned publishers in the past so we know first-hand what makes these kinds of collaborations efficient and satisfying for both parties. After the successful promotional campaigns for Dying Light and Dying Light: The Following, led by our own dedicated team, we believe this is the perfect time to use everything we’ve learned and help other developers.”

Techland’s publishing goals are aiming to release two major multiplatform titles as well as digitally distributing four new games on an annual basis. Alongside publishing games from other development studios, Techland intends on self-publishing its own games from here on out. Although it is unknown what the company’s immediate plans are, however, the company is set to reveal its first game under its official publishing banner sometime very soon.