E3 2014: Crackdown Back for Xbox One

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen anything from the wacky open-world coop game Crackdown, but today we have a new reimagining coming exclusively to Xbox One. We’ve had rumors of Crackdown being revealed at Microsoft’s conference, and now we know one of the big exclusives for the 360 will now be receiving a revitalized new game for the next-gen console.

The new crackdown will be powered by an army of dedicated servers that will offer unprecedented superhero police warfare not found anywhere else. While no gameplay was shown off for the game, what was shown definitely shows an exciting new prospect for the series. The series has always been fun but with the new tech in the Xbox One, the developer can push what players love about the game.

Again this is one to watch for the Xbox One, Microsoft it is making sure it is making its presence known. With all these exclusives and content the company is sure to be hot on the news for having a conference that is a complete flip side of how they handled things last year.