E3 2014: Far Cry 4’s Co-Op Unveiled

More amazing news keeps rollin’ out of E3, and gamers have been more than excited with all that they have to look forward to. There’s no doubt that amongst gamers, Sony’s press conference has been highly anticipated – and it definitely comes with good reason. Out of all the hustle and bustle around Sony’s conference came news of Far Cry 4’s co-op multiplayer. For those of you who missed the demo – I offer my condolences and tissues, it highlighted a couple of features that fans are sure to enjoy. Exhibit A was Far Cry 4’s drop in and out multiplayer, a feature that will be allowed once a second player hops into the game.

On top of that, another added bonus to what was shown in the demo was a wingsuit and a grapple hook. That combination alone seems like something that will perk up a brow and spark curiosity, plus it doesn’t hurt that a more than intense jeep chase was shown.