E3 2014: Mortal Kombat X Brings Guts, Glory and New Playable Characters

GET OVER HERE! E3 2014 brought news of Mortal Kombat X, and oh is it bloody wonderful. The latest gameplay trailer showed off two new playable characters – including some type of Master Blaster team and an insect girl. While that might be enough to cause foaming of the mouth, a fight between two long-standing rivals, Scorpion and Sub Zero, was also shown off in the trailer. In the video, the two are pitted against each other in a snowy forest, which one might think gives Sub Zero an advantage but instead the fight ends badly for the blue and black clad fighter.

If the trailer hints at anything, it seems that players will be able to use their environment in order to take down opponents. More so, X-Ray moves are back and more brutal than ever. If gore is your style – which it generally is in regards to Mortal Kombat, then Mortal Kombat X will satisfy your appetite. Plus, those fatalities alone are something to pine after.

More information on Mortal Kombat X will drop next week, for now gamers can be excited about the trailer and the fact that the title will release for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.