E3 2014: PS4 to Offer Direct YouTube Uploads This Year

SCEA President Shawn Layden announced during Sony’s E3 press conference that the much anticipated addition of YouTube will be added to the list of broadcasting options for PS4 via the on-controller share button. In addition to Twitch and other streaming services, this creates a much easier environment for the developing realm of live streaming.

Over the past few years, thousands of gamers have taken to YouTube and beyond to help create and develop the gaming community. Gamers such as TwoBestFriendsPlay, Game Grumps, and PewDiePie have made careers and followings just through streaming games, with some going on to become the most subscribed channels on YouTube. For those hoping to break into the market this can offer a very stable platform to do so without investing in recording and capturing equipment. Kind of a niche feature, depending on if you’re the type to stream or not, but for those who do this could prove invaluable in delivering content straight from PS4.




Written by Guest Contributor: Kageryu