Editor’s Pick: A Seductive Mad Moxxi Cosplay That Will Steal Your Heart Away

Here at Conslayer, you have seen a wealth of Mad Moxxi’s hit the front page of the site multiple times. Gearbox Software through three different games has made sure to keep the sexy vixen fresh and interesting with multiple looks and a alluring attitude to come with it. This week for Editors Pick I have chosen a totally different take on the seductive Moxxi that comes in shining through with an insanely amazing looking location and an even amazing looking cosplay to boot.


Check out this beautiful cosplay of Mad Moxxi by Mono Abel that will make you wanna tip her till she give you something special (Borderlands 2 reference of course).

moxxi-cosplay-3 moxxi-cosplay-4


Photography by Dzeta&Aiger