A Seductive Poison Ivy Cosplay

It’s time for another epic Poison Ivy cosplay.

Poison Ivy is an all-around sexy character from the DC Comics universe.  Her seductive personality and use of pheromones from her plant friends have been known to make even the most strong-willed men, like Batman, fall to their knees.  She is insanely beautiful, while also being witty and totally badass, making her easily one of our favorite comic book villains.

Poison Ivy Cosplay by magmasaya

poison-ivy-cosplay-2Photography by Anton Timofeev

This cosplay by magmasaya shows just why we love this insane character.  Magamasaya embodies Poison Ivy’s beauty and sex appeal along with her fierce personality and love for nature.  This cosplayer is noticably dedicate to her craft, as her costume is spot-on and intricately detailed.  We couldn’t imagine a more perfect Poison Ivy cosplay, and for that, this cosplay is more than worthy of being this week’s Editor’s Pick.  Be sure to see more of magmasaya’s by checking out her DeviantART page!

poison-ivy-cosplay-3Photography by La Clover