Editor’s Pick of the Week: Abby Dark-Star’s Adventurous Indiana Jones

indiana-jones-cosplay-1Photo by Robbins Studios

Over the past few years, Abby Dark-Star has without a doubt become one of our all-time favorite cosplayers. She has thoroughly impressed us with stunning cosplays of our favorite characters, including Poison Ivy, Black Widow, Chun Li, and many, many more. Her dedication to cosplay allows her to constantly showcase intricately decorated and fine-tuned cosplays, completely transforming herself into the characters that she portrays.


One of our favorite cosplays that Abby has done is her Indiana Jones. Abby gives a unique, feminine twist to the beloved adventurer, making the character completely her own while still maintaining the essence of Indiana Jones which we have idolized since many of us were still mere children.

indiana-jones-cosplay-3Photo by SGH PhotoArt

We look forward to more epic cosplays from Abby Dark-Star in the future. To stay up to date with all of her cosplay progresses and to view more photos of her, be sure to visit her Facebook and Twitter pages.



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