Editor’s Pick of the Week: ATC’s Juby Headshot in Stunning Mai Shiranui Cosplay!

mai-shiranui-cosplay-2Photography by Diabulus

Mai Shiranui is a video game icon.  Originating from the fighting game, King of Fighters, Mai always remains sexy and graceful while packing a ferocious punch to her opponent.  At All That’s Cosplay, we see cosplays of Mai pop up constantly.  Her costume is one that wouldn’t be easy to equip, as it is quite revealing and would take an ample amount of confidence and poise to pull it off.  However, ATC’s very own Juby Headshot took on the challenge of becoming Mai Shiranui, and she did so perfectly.

mai-shiranui-cosplay-3Photography by Oriol Lamiel

Juby’s Mai Shiranui cosplay is spot-on to Mai herself, with her signature red garb and long brown hair.  We have seen plenty of Mai cosplays, however Juby’s might just be our favorite yet! Be sure to stay tuned to All That’s Cosplay for more of the amazing Juby Headshot.

mai-shiranui-cosplay-1mai-shiranui-cosplay-4Photography by AOJFoto