Editor’s Pick of the Week: ATC’s Raychul Moore in a Sexy Mario Cosplay


There is one character that is most iconic to video games– one person who completely changed the game, and one who is in the fondest memories of almost every gamer’s childhoods.  That character is the one and only Mario.  Mario has been around for decades, and there is about a 90% chance that anyone reading this’s first video game was one from Nintendo’s Mario franchise.   While Mario has always been a small and stout little plumber, thanks to cosplay he is able to be completely transformed.


ATC’s own talented cosplayer, Raychul Moore, did just that as she turned the renowned plumber into a sexier, female version.  Sporting blue supsender shorts, a red crop top, and Mario’s signature hat, Raychul Moore looks absolutely stunning.  The added touch to these photos is the kart racer in the background paired with a winding round, making Raychul appear straight out of Mario Kart.  These photos of Raychul are truly amazing, and without a doubt our favorite Mario cosplay yet.

mario-cosplay-raychul-moore-4 mario-cosplay-raychul-moore-1


Photography by Seth Hendrix



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