Editor’s Pick of the Week: Flashback to Space Jam in Epic Lola Cosplay


Space Jam was a 90’s classic, and a move that the large majority of us have fond memories with.  A film featuring Michael Jordan and a group of basketball-playing animals might seem like a strange idea, however it turned out to be a classic.  One of the most well-remembered characters is Lola Bunny, the gorgeous basketball star who was constantly fawned over by her male counterpart, Bugs Bunny.  Yet, we have never seen Lola in a more beautiful light than when given a human side, as seen here by cosplayer Stacey Rebecca.

This cosplay image has become extremely popular around the internet since Stacey released the image, invoking a great amount of nostalgia and awakening our inner child once again.  She looks absolutely stunning as a human Lola Bunny, and manages to be instantly recognizable.  This is one of the most epic cosplays we’ve seen in a while, and we can’t wait to see what’s next from this talented cosplayer.

Photography by Lucas Ambrosio Photography