Editor’s Pick of the Week: Kitty Lappin’s Stunning Holiday Harley Quinn Cosplay


This holiday season, we have seen a ton of incredible Christmas themed cosplays to make us feel festive.  From holiday Super Sonico cosplays to Slay Belle Katarina and Candy Cane Miss Fortune from League of Legends, holiday cosplays were nothing short of abundant.  One Christmas cosplay stuck out though, and that was Kitty Lappin’s Harley Quinn cosplay.


This cosplay takes one of our favorite comic book villains, Harley Quinn, and gives her an adorable and spunky holiday vibe with faux fur hood trim, holiday lights, presents, and Christmas tree background.  Of course, Kitty Lappin adds Harley Quinn’s signature personality with a few maniacal smiles, showing she had a hell of a good, and mischievous, time this Christmas.  This cosplay is beyond epic and filled with charm, making it more than worthy of this week’s Editor’s Pick.

Be sure to see more of Kitty Lappin’s cosplay work by visiting her Twitter and Facebook pages.

christmas-harley-quinn-cosplay-3 christmas-harley-quinn-cosplay-4 christmas-harley-quinn-cosplay-5


Photography by Alasdair Watson Photography




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