Editor’s Pick of the Week: LadyOfRohan’s Awesome Nathan Drake Cosplay!


This year at E3 we were all waiting with bated breath, anxiously anticipating even the smallest morsel of information about a new installment to one of our favorite video game franchises, Uncharted.  As the Sony press conference began, we saw tons of epic announcements, but finally that moment came, and the teaser trailer for Uncharted 4 was revealed.  Although not much was shown, we got a glimpse of Nathan Drake in stunningly realistic detail courtesy of the PlayStation 4, with some epic dialgoue speaking on where Nathan Drake currently stands in his life filled with adventurous fortune hunting.


One of our very own writers, Lindsey, AKA LadyOfRohan, decided to create an absolutely epic cosplay of Nathan Drake inspired by the E3 trailer.  Placed in a stormy beach setting, we were immediately impressed by the accuracy and detail of Lindsey’s cosplay.  Lindsey is one of the newest writers on our All That’s Cosplay team, and we have been highly impressed by both her journalistic skills as well as her attentiveness to all of her cosplay work. Be sure to check her out by visiting her Facebook page!




Photography by Deltastic Studios