Editor’s Pick of the Week: LeeAnna Vamp’s Wickedly Awesome Maleficent Cosplay!


The highly-anticipated Angelina Jolie movie, Maleficent, has just hit cinema screens, making it a perfect time for cosplayers to create their very own cosplays of the classic Disney villain. While we have seen many Maleficent cosplays start to hit the scene, we have been absolutely amazed by LeeAnna Vamp’s wicked rendition.

Not only is her cosplay sexy, but the backdrop to the photo and her sinister glare evoke an evil quality, staying true to the glory of Maleficent and allowing LeeAnna to not only wear a Maleficent costume but completely transform herself into the character. The Vamptress is constantly leaving us in awe with each cosplay that she puts out, but her Maleficent has immediately become one of our favorites, making her highly worthy of this week’s Editor’s Pick.

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