Editor’s Pick of the Week: Macy Rose’s Sassy Yet Incredibly Cute Black Cat Cosplay


Black Cat has crept her way into becoming one of our favorite female comic book characters, and that is partly thanks to cosplay.  We have seen so many epic renditions of Black Cat which have absolutely blown us way and every day we are seeing a new one hit the scene.  When we saw Macy Rose’s Black Cat cosplay, we instantly added it to the list as one of our favorite Black Cat cosplays.  It is the simple things in Macy’s cosplay that make it incredible.


Firstly, her added Spider-Man cup prop truly added a realistic feel to the cosplay, as Black Cat is widely known as being a partner to Spider-Man.  This is easily one of our favorite pictures of Macy’s Black Cat, because not only is the picture adorable, but she added a unique touch of flair to her image that really makes it stand out.

black-cat-cosplay-4Macy might be new to the cosplay scene, but we definitely see great things to come from her cosplay work in the near future.  Her cosplay work is vibrant and full of life, making her images ones that anyone would be instantly drawn to.  Be sure to keep your eyes on this up-and-comer by following her on Instagram— we are sure you won’t be disappointed!



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