Editor’s Pick of the Week: Rei Doll’s Gorgeous Poison Ivy Cosplay


Poison Ivy is for sure one of the greatest comic book villains of all time.  While she is not equipped with superhuman strength or a wide arsenal of weaponry, she is equipped with something just as powerful: incredibly toxic pheromones that can inflict brain-numbing mind control on anyone who crosses her path.  She surely uses this wisely, as she is known to seduce her foes with her stunningly good looks and a little help from the toxins of her plant friends.  Because of this, Poison Ivy is quite the arch-nemesis of Batman; however, even he has found himself trapped in her poison-ridden seductiveness.


We have seen many Poison Ivy cosplays over the past few years.  While some cosplayers decide to take on Poison Ivy’s classic comic book look, others have decided to create her costume from Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Some, on the other hand, choose a completely different route.  Rei Doll did just that as she created a Victorian Poison Ivy cosplay that is absolutely gorgeous.  By maintaining Poison Ivy’s signature green ensemble, long red hair, and plant accessories, Rei keeps Poison Ivy’s essence intact while adding a bit of creative flair.  Teaming up with talented photographer Kifir, the duo have created images that are absolute perfection.  We cannot give this cosplay enough praise.

victorian-poison-ivy-cosplay-3 victorian-poison-ivy-cosplay-4