Editor’s Pick of the Week: Tali’s Epic Mara Jade Cosplay!

This week’s cosplay theme has been Star Wars, and we have seen some incredibly epic cosplays of some of our favorite Star Wars characters.  When coming across Tali’s Mara Jade Skywalker cosplay, however, I was blown away.  Tali takes the character and not only creates a cosplay of her, but pairs up with photographer Vancouver cosplay to create images that appear as if she is actually in the sandy planet of Tatooine.


Mara Jade Skywalker was quite the badass.  Her beginnings placed her as a servant to Emperor Palpatine, where she was forced to assassin any targets the Emperor decided to assign her.  Through this, she learned all of the training necessary to become a powerful Jedi.  She went rogue, was trained by the renowned Luke Sykwalker, and later even married him.  Unfortunately, Mara Jade’s life came to an early end, as she was killed at the hands of her own nephew and sith, Jacen Solo.


However, thanks to Tali’s cosplay, Mara Jade lives on in stunning fashion.  This cosplay is incredible and one of the best Star Wars cosplays to date!  Be sure to follow Tali on Facebook and Twitter to see more of her epic cosplay work.



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