Editor’s Pick of the Week: Tali’s Gorgeous Cammy White Cosplay


Who doesn’t love a good Street Fighter cosplay?  Further, it could be argued that it is impossible to dislike a Cammy White cosplay.  The sexy fighter in her skin-tight leotard leaves little for the mind to ponder, and while she always looks incredible, Cammy can kick some serious ass, which has made her one of the most iconic and beloved female fighters in the Street Fighter universe.


While many may desire to take on the challenge of sporting Cammy’s leotard and signature blonde braids themselves, it can be a daunting task to cosplay Cammy and takes quite the ample amount of confidence to portray her with pride.  Cosplayer Tali, however, did just that in stunning fashion as she created this totally epic Cammy White cosplay that fully evokes all that is Cammy.


Teaming up with one of our new favorite photographers, Saffels Photography, the two have created images that are absolutely amazing and filled with both astonishing power and beauty.  We dare to say that this is one of our favorite Cammy White cosplays yet, and because of that, Tali is more than worthy of being this week’s Editor’s Pick.

Also, be sure to check out the images below by photographer Victor Rodriguez which can be purchased as prints at Tali’s cosplay shop to make your home more epic!

cammy-cosplay-4 cammy-cosplay-5




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