Elektra is a Stunner in This Action-Packed Cosplay!

Elektra Natchios is a heroine that most are familiar with — whether it be due to being a hardcore fan of her and Marvel or knowing of the movie that Jennifer Garner starred in years ago. She’s a woman who knows how to kick some booty and prefers to do so with her twin sai. Her abilities don’t stop there, as Elektra is also versed in the martial arts, has a low level of mind control and telepathic communication, and a multitude of various weapons. She’s not to be messed with and I pity the fool who tries to take her down — as they’ll have quite the challenge in doing so.

elektra-cosplay-2Photography by Fotomania

The kunoichi has curves for days, toning throughout her body, and striking beauty that will make one stare in awe. Plus, she’s totally badass — able to throw down in her traditional red outfit whenever needed. That’s probably why numerous cosplayers flock to take on to embody such a beaut, and through those who have Crystal Cosplay has done one of the best jobs executing Elektra. Elektra is a shining thing of beauty, and the thought that went into this cosplay is evident within the details that are present. Overall, a very, very gorgeous job done!

elektra-cosplay-3Photography by Greco Simone

elektra-cosplay-1Photography by Walter Truocchio