Elfen Lied’s Lucy Becomes Human Thanks to Cosplay

Lucy, the tormented Diclonii. She was a dangerous, telekinetic weapon. Though, after a violent escape from her heavily-guarded holdings, she found herself washed up on shore, a quiet and sweet lost girl, Nyu. Her memory loss disabled her from recognizing the boy who discovered her that day. Her new life in the Maple House is soon full of revealed memories and hurtful truths.

Francesca brings us a spot on Lucy cosplay, of the gauze-clad cover image most anime fans recognize right away. Her soft pink hair and brooding red eyes create the proper mystery of this character. Decorated in blood, the darkness that consumes Lucy is very much accomplished, whether she’s set against dark shadows, or white light. TidusSurya created a simply incredible restraining helmet, torn asunder and worn, wonderfully paying homage to such an iconic portrait.




For more of Francesca’s work, visit her DeviantArt page.

Photography by Davide Lena


Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz