Elizabeth Comstock Comes to Life With This Stunning Cosplay


When the prospect of Rapture became a reality with the first two BioShock titles, gamers were enamored with the underwater city. There was something about its darkness that left one wanting more and the characters – such as Andrew Ryan, Atlas, and later Eleanor, continued to draw gamers in. That’s probably why when BioShock Infinite was announced, players went crazy. While Columbia was a lifted town instead of being undersea, it still had the traditional BioShock feel to it – offering one to be creeped out in different ways.


One of the biggest changes BioShock Infinite had to offer was the character changes. Booker DeWitt took the role of the main protagonist and Elizabeth Comstock became his helpful sidekick – though arguably she was much more than your average sidekick. Elizabeth was able to make tears in time, allowing Booker and her to travel into different universes. She also assisted in handing over first aid kits and eve, as well as adding that extra bit of flare that BioShock Infinite called for. While Elizabeth may have seemed naïve at first, it was mainly due to being locked up her whole life and having the inability to truly experience life. Soon, Elizabeth came into her own and became one of the best female videogame characters to date.


With beauty such as Elizabeth’s and the qualities and abilities she possesses, cosplayers have taken to her likeness. Through the handfuls of people who have, cosplayer Lili Din has done an amazing job bringing Elizabeth to life. Thus, she deserves a round of applause.


Photography by Thibault Demorat



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