An Elsa Cosplay to Thaw any Frozen Heart

Disney’s newest movie Frozen, based on the fable by Hans Christian Anderson, has become the most popular and largest grossing animated film since The Lion King back in 1994. So naturally the queen with abilities beyond her control quickly became the star of the show.


Many fans and cosplayers took to her long, glamorous gown, white-blonde hair, her personality, and of course her mind-blowing supernatural abilities. She has the power to not only create ice and snow, but eventually she causes the start of an eternal winter all over the land of Arendell. So her little sister, Anna, sets out to find her and undo the curse her sister put upon the land.


The idea of cosplaying as Elsa is a popular one, and many cosplayers have attempted to tackle the newest Disney icon; however, none have done it quite like Kyuubi-Star-Cosplay. This cosplay is accurate, beautiful, and recognizable, and with the most popular cosplay choice seen in a good while, it is necessary. The Snow Queen Elsa is powerful and lovely and Kyuubi-Star-Cosplay has portrayed her well.  This cosplay is truly epic.



Photography by Torrence Levon Neal.

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